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"He did wonders for me; he is a caring doctor."

I've had two neck surgeries and have been to pain clinics and had 5 cervical injections. The first neck surgery in 2000, I was out of work for 7 months with a staff infection, loss of arm & neck movement. My second surgery in 2002 at Duke Hospital, they removed the damaged area, got me off of pain pills, and restored my quality of life.

I was referred to Dr. C in April 2009 by great friends at work. He worked hard on a very messed up neck and right & left shoulder. He got my spine, C-6 & C-7 lined back up, got me a good TENS unit to control the pain, and he worked me back into shape. He did wonders for me. He is a caring doctor.

I will always have flare ups per Duke Hospital doctor, but Dr. C has helped me to control these, so they are short-lived. He has made my neck quality of life much better!

Mike B. September 2009

"Chiropractic does work for scoliosis...the younger the diagnosis, the better!"

My daughter, Hannah, was 3 years old when I drove by Dr. Chicoine's office and my prayer was answered. Hannah was diagnosed at 3 1/2 with scoliosis and has a 13 degree curve. Doctors told us she would progressively get worse and eventually need a brace and/or surgery (probably at puberty). After one year with chiropractic, she was re-x-rayed , and had less than a 10 degree curvature....Chiropractic does work for scoliosis....the younger the diagnosis...the better!

Also, she has had chronic eye issues....weepy eyes, frequent eye infections, and even orbital cellulitis at 1 1/2 years old. She gets adjusted now at the first sign of a weepy eye and has not had any more problems!

Most notably, Hannah has an almost violent temper when not in chiropractic. If we go more than a week without adjusting her, her behavior is evident.

Dr. Chicoine has treated our whole family like his own. We sought him for Hannah, but our entire family of 5 has seen fantastic results for various alignments and injuries.

Tracey C.

"The Relief for ALL My Problems....IS AMAZING!!!" My balance is even better!"

I came to see Dr. Jeff for two pinched nerves resulting in bad to severe pain from knees to below ankles, arthritis in my lower back, rotator cuff tear, and balance problems. I have had leg pain since I had rheumatic fever at 2 years of age. Pain has increased over the years. I've had arthritis in my lower back for 8-9 years and the severity varies. Rotator cuff pain for the past 2-3 years, and the doctors said my only option was surgery, but I declined. I have taken various pain medicines with very little relief with none at times. After seeing Dr. Jeff, I've had great relief and it is amazing. He has helped my life improve a great deal, and my balance is better. I cannot express how wonderful it is to get help. I am so thankful after being in pain for so many years! Then I went to Dr. Jeff, who I appreciate very much! He is also a very caring and compassionate doctor.

"I no longer have pain in my back or headaches"

I had been on pain killers for pain in my mid to lower back from a thoracic sprain & headaches. After care chiropractic care, I no longer have pain in my mid to lower back and my headaches are gone! Dr. Chicoine & staff are very professional and cares a great deal about his patients. I enjoyed coming here.

Lee Ann F.

"A slipped disc in my lower back was an 11 on a pain scale of 1-10"

A slipped disk in the lower back is very, very severe. Like an 11 from 1-10! This was back door pain. I don't take any medications for any illness. I know that when the body is in shape it takes care of itself.

Regular adjustments do keep me in perfect shape. I had been bouncing from doctor to doctor since I moved to NC until I found Dr. Chicoine, a geniune doctor. From being crooked as a branch to straight as an arrow in about 10 visits with adjustments and exercises.

I know that the future is now to be - GREAT!

Jose C.

"From the first visit, I've noticed improvement, now I hardly have any pain at all."

I had neck and back pain from an automobile accident. I had tingling and swelling in my hands and had a annular tear in my neck. I had taken anti-inflammatory and pain medicines that did not give me any relief at all. I received no relief from physical therapy and sometimes I would leave in worse pain.

From my first visit with Dr. Chicoine I noticed an improvement, now I hardly have any pain at all. Dr. Chicione is the only one who could give me any relief. I am now back to my very active lifestyle - able to do what I was doing before the accident.

Dr. Chicoine is very professional. He helped me with my back & neck pain; he also helped me in other aspects of my treatment. I can't thank you enough Dr. Chicoine! You are the best!

Kim C.

"Great daily relief that I had forgot was possible since coming to Dr. Chicoine"

I was injured at work four years ago and had back pain, neck pain and headaches. I had tried to many medications to list for pain, but nothing helped. I found Dr. Chicoine on the internet and after seeing Dr. Chicoine I had no neck pain or soreness. My headaches went from daily to once a month and my back pain decreased to almost nothing. Great daily relief that I had forgot was possible since coming to Dr. Chicoine.

James S.

"Dr. Chicoine is very nice and sweet. I would recommend him to everyone!"

I had lower back pain and shakey legs which caused me to not be able to walk long distances or sit down for long periods at a time. I took pain killers to try to releive the pain as well as visited with many doctors, but nothing helped!

After visiting with Dr. Chicoine I have stopped taking all my medications and I am able to walk long distances again. I am also able to stay seated longer because my low back pain and shakey legs symptoms have disappeared! I would recommend Dr. Chicoine to everyone!

Angela M.

"I have felt better all the way around since beginning Chiropractic care!"

I experienced debilitating dizziness and nausea for three weeks before beginning Chiropractic care. I tried to seek medical help for my symptoms however doctors were baffled by my symptoms and were not sure of the cause. Going to the doctor showed no progress even when I was prescribed prescription drugs!

Since my Chiropractic care with Dr. Chicoine, my dizziness and nausea is completely gone! I started feeling better after the first visit and by the fourth visit I was feeling closer to normal than I had felt in weeks. It didn't take many visits to clear away the diziness and nausea completely! After visiting Dr. Chicoine, I saw improvement in my sllergies and frequency of headaches too. I have felt better all the way around since visiting with Dr. Chicoine.

Carolyn H.

Chiropractor adjusting patient

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